Monday, October 10, 2005

Fvrade Solved 6 - 10

Level 6
Check Source

Leet aka best team. Who is the best team or clan? PLAY


Level 7
Check Title
Size Matters

What is the biggest thing in the picture?
This you need a image view software like photoshop
Zoom in and on the word blade you see the letters "L" "S" "H" "E" "A"

Check Source

Turn LSHEA into => Leash


Level 8
Very Simple

Check Source


Level 9
A Dish Fit for the gods

This is a picture of William Shakespeare
What novels has he written?
Julius Casear
Casear like the salad

Answer: First Julius Last Casear

Level 10
Very Tough

Check Source

What you need to do is go to url and type 10b.gif10c.gif and 10d.gif
This will be all your hints
If you put them together zipper and barcode it makes nothing but now take out the per in zipper and the code in bar.....put them together you get zipcode

Check the image on the page, you will see a blink pink box on the University of Chicago
Do a google search of the school and on the homepage will be the zip code and the answer to the riddle



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