Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Frvade Solved 21 - 25

Level 21
Very Difficult Level

Check Source

"You will need to empty the end"?
What does that sound like....mmm teeee the enddd
or as some or myself finally saw it as...mp3

Check the Song Title and you will see the word Miracle

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/yellow/miracle.htm

Level 22
Very Easy if you know sports

What bird is that? Baltimore
Where does Baltimore play? Maryland

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/yellow/maryland.htm

Level 23
Very Tricky-No math needed
Look at the problem, if you look at it has a divded by zero error.
The last part says 2=1 and when you click all it says it boo.

If you remember in level 21 source code it had something about

Answer: First: Black Last: Hole

Level 24
What does that number usually give you? Information
Where can you find information about the website?

View Source of above link:

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/green/splinter.htm

Level 25
Check Source

Listen to it, at the end you get a whole weird sequence of sound

Check Source again

Keyword is audacity. Do a search on it and download. It is a music player to change the speed of a song. Once youe open it with lime.mp3 and change the speed you will hear the Usher song YEAH.

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/green/yeah.htm


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