Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fvrade Solved 26-30

Level 26
Word of the Day

Check Source

Go to Dicitonary.com and click on archives. That number given in the source is a date.
This will take you to the word of the day on that date which is oneiric.

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/green/oneiric.htm

Level 27
Check Source

This is a little dumb but who made that crop design? I said aliens at first but ironically so it was just men.

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/green/men.htm

Level 28
Check Source

My first guess was George Bush

Answer: First: George Last: Bush

Level 29
Check Source

Count how many squares there are: 18

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/blue/18.htm

Words will pop up. Print Screen this and paste it somewhere for now.

Check Source

This was a little tricky count all the words from before and times it by 2.

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/blue/128.htm

Check Source

Take the Hight and Width of Image and divide it by 3: 64736

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/blue/64736.htm

Took me forever to figuire this out?
Try typing level 29b.jpg

This gives you an image with the word Pocket

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/blue/pocket.htm

Level 30-Real
Check Source

These numbers represent keys on the num luck.
When you put them together each one gives you a letter. You must do this by moving your fingers up and down based on the combinations

"F" "L" "I" "N" "T"

Answer: http://www.frvade.com/blue/flint.htm


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At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For level 28, if you search "miserable failure" or even just "failure" on google, the first result you get is a George W. Bush bio page. This has been an ongoing joke for a while now.


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